Turn your sales team into social selling stars, increasing sales and powering your brand

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales through SoAmpli, the best employee advocacy platform for social selling.

We help you efficiently share social media content with your team, managing and controlling the process throughout.

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Bridging the gap between marketing and sales!

We make it easy for you to organise existing social content, source more relevant stories and analyse what your audience likes best in real time, helping you improve your strategy on an on-going basis.

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SoAmpli’s benefits, at a glance.

For marketing

For employees
  • Save time on content distribution
  • Increase and showcase social content’s ROI
  • Educate your sales team on social media and social selling best practices
  • Boost brand awareness cost-effectively

For sales

For your company
  • Generate leads on social media to fill your pipeline
  • Power your personal brand by showcasing your unique expertise and thought-leadership
  • Expand your online professional network to include prospects, industry experts and existing clients

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